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Ross Creek Rye
Ross Creek Rye offers a sweet. spicy smoothness and satisfying warm finish. Our master distiller hand selects and mills fresh, organic rye grain grown on the century old family farm. Eventually destined to be a legendary Canadian rye, we have released exclusive bottlings of foundation spirit and select short aged in serial numbered collections.
Aurora Rare
Aurora Rare is an exceptionally clean, crisp vodka. Echoing the grain it is distilled from, Aurora Rare is a uniquely Canadian experience, reminiscent of the northern prairies illuminated by spirits dancing in the night sky.
Available in exclusive hand numbered bottlings.
Wandering Elk
Wandering Elk forms our foundation for our (soon to be) legendary whiskey.
But why wait 3 years?
Select grain bill, small batch and conservative cuts gives Wandering Elk Albino a grain forward palate, exceptional smoothness and a warm satisfying finish. A unique twist on cocktails, or enjoyed straight up you'll love this spirit. We guarantee it.
Available in exclusive hand numbered bottlings.
We love it when a plan comes together! When the conditions are perfect through our whole recipe, a whiskey emerges that is so fine that it is held in specially charred new oak barrels. At the peak of it's maturity, these select barrels are bottled and numbered.
THE BULL is our prestige product, a true single barrel work of art. As with all of our hand crafted spirits there is subtle differences from barrel to barrel. Add a few to your collection and share your tasting notes on our forum!
This aggressive spirit is boldy bottled at full cask strength.
Fully matured, powerful grain nose followed by sweet caramel, vanilla and citrus notes, finishing with a satisfying earthy cinnamon heat.
Appreciate it carefully, with a water press on some ice.
Once a festive treat exclusive to the Canadian armed forces, with a nod to our fighting men and women, we are proud to bring you the finest in Canadian cream liquor...Moosemilk!
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